The students of Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental College are divided into Houses in order to provide a basis for competition. These Houses compete at sports and other activities. Pride of belonging to a certain house, and owning its successes and failures inculcates group loyalty in students and gives them a sense of community living and prepares them to be responsible citizens in our society.

Each house is presided over by two faculty members. House Captains and Vice Captains are appointed, who assist in the organisation of the house. House captains and supervising faculty members create a positive and supportive environment so that each student feels good about himself and his involvement in various activities. Holding such positions play an important role in developing interpersonal and leadership skills in the students. We ensure that the students participate in various events abide the rules and respect opposition players, referees and spectators. Each house has been allotted its own symbol and colours.



Merit points for behaviour and academic achievement, attendance is added up to sports achievements for each student to decide Student of the Year

Annual Sports Week

Annual Sports Week at Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental College is held in the first quarter of the year to provide students with an opportunity to socialise and relax and leave behind the stress associated with medical studies. The traditional annual Sports Week is an inter-house competition in which debating competitions, sports like cricket and football, Badminton, Table Tennis and Athletics are organised along inter-house lines. Houses obtain points by winning positions in the contests organised. House obtaining maximum points is awarded the House Cup and is declared Best House at the conclusion of the event.

The aim of the Sports Week is to engage all students in some form of activity, be it participation in sports activities or in organizing the events. It is our firm belief that participation promotes healthy relationships, self-respect, builds confidence, instills discipline and teamwork and encourages creativity. Athletic and artistic pursuit encourages students to realize, that activity and competition are more important than the result of the contest.

Games and sports are played for enjoyment, although there is always a strong sense of competitiveness in all events. BAMDC values healthy rivalry, encourages spirited fair play, and appreciates positive support offered by spectators. Students as players and fans represent themselves, their Houses, and BAMDC with pride and poise.

Annual Sports Week is traditionally declared open by the Principal after he administers the oath to the participants. This sets the tone for the rest of the event. Each house and its supporters wear the House colours. An extraordinary hype prevails across the campus and ecstasy is in the air throughout the event. Students participate with superb eagerness however their discipline is admirable. Tug- of-war between different groups of Faculty adds to the excitement.