Interviews will be conducted in a two stage process.
The panel conducting the first stage interview shall comprise of:
·         Principal Medical / Dental College
·         HOD of one Basic Science Deptt.
·         HOD of one Clinical Deptt.
·         One to Two Board Members
·         One Administration Member
This panel shall evaluate the candidates on the following parameters.
1.       Motivation and preparation to study medicine.
2.       General knowledge especially current issues in medicine and healthcare.
3.       Capacity for critical thinking.
4.       Family background with particular emphasis on the ability to pay fees and bear allied expenses for the entire course of studies.
Failure to satisfy the panel in this regard will lead to disqualification.
The panel conducting the second stage interview shall comprise of
·         Principal or HOD of a department of the Medical College to be nominated by Principal.
·         Principal or HOD of a department of Dental College to be nominated by Principal Dental College.
·         One or two Board Members.
·         One Administration Member.
The panel shall judge the candidates suitability based on the following parameters.
1.       Comprehension and Communication Skills
2.       Whether language skills are sufficient for dealing with academic work.
3.       Problem solving and decision making skills.
4.       Personality, confidence , general altitude ( Positive, Supportive, Humane, Enlightened or otherwise)
Students are required to bring the following documents with them when appearing for the interview:
·         CNIC in Original
·         Matric or equivalent certificate in original
·         F.Sc or equivalent Certificate in original
·         IBCC equivalence certificate in original if applicable
·         Copy of last filed Income Tax Return and wealth statement of parent / parents.
·         In case of non-filer, evidence of agricultural income and property held such as title document etc.

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